Mentalist Reads Minds & Brings The Laughs

You must have heard of the Jeremy Feldhamer, if not, you will. That’s because Jeremy is coming your way to share his awesome and hilarious form of entertainment, and it’s a show that generates a great deal of amazement, laughs and enthusiasm.

Since 2001 Jeremy, who is currently both Modi’in, Israel and New York City based, has thrilled audiences the world over. People react with wide-eyed wonder and gut busting laughter when Jeremy demonstrates his mind reading and comedy abilities.

This slick blend of interactive demonstration, comic relief and spellbinding entertainment is definitely not a magic show. There are no wires or hidden communication devices. Nothing is prearranged with secret assistants or audience members. The experience defies explanation. And maybe that’s why the crowds go wild at every show.

“Many times during my show, the audience is in total shock because they’ve never seen anything like this before.” said Jeremy Feldhamer. “When they are not in a state of awe they are usually in a fit of hysterical laughter.”

Jeremy loves talking with audience members after the show. He explained, “I love hearing what a great time they have had. They constantly tell me how much fun the show was and how they have no idea how the demonstrations of the mind were accomplished.”

Jeremy thinks it’s good for people to be skeptical and to ask questions about things they don’t understand. “A lot of things that up until recently were considered to be a mystery can now easily be explained by science” said Jeremy. “However, the greatest mystery of all is still the human mind. It is the most sophisticated computer that everyone is trying to hack into. It is important however to note, that I have no special powers. Any sixteen year old with 20 years experience can do it too!”

Even though Jeremy claims to have no special powers, once you see him blindfolded, identifying object provided randomly by members of the audience, among many of his other demonstrations, it becomes very hard to believe this claim.

Go to Jeremy’s show, “Mind Shtick: Mentalism, Magic & Mirth” and find out for yourself.