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An Unforgettable Show Like No Other!

Combining psychology, intuition, hypnotic influence, illusions, persuasion techniques and comedy; mentalist, hypnotist and comedian, Jeremy Feldhamer will treat us to an evening of impossibility that will absolutely and totally BLOW YOUR MIND!

Mentalism is a collective term for a wide range of performing arts that all center around the employment of mental acuity to stage what appears to be a sixth sense or the harnessing of the power of the mind in extraordinary ways. There are a number of purported mental talents that are included in the family of mentalism, including ESP, mind reading, and clairvoyance. During his performance Jeremy Feldhamer, will illustrate a few of those phenomena with your audiences kind help.

Now, it is important to know that no matter what Jeremy tries, no matter what Jeremy says, and no matter what Jeremy is able to accomplish, with your audiences cooperation, he is just an entertainer playing the part of the mind reader and psychic. You alone are to be the sole judges as to the source of his power.


Entertain With "Mind Blowing Shtick"

The key to any successful party or event is to keep your guests entertained. Adding Jeremy Feldhamer and "Mind Shitck" to the program schedule is a guaranteed way to entertain your guests and create a memorable event that they will keep talking about.

Jeremy Feldhamer’s Show is fun, clean, and hilarious. Your Audience will laugh and be amazed. They will also be sitting on the edge's of their seat while Jeremy preforms death defying stunts of the mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For What Kind of Events is "Mind Shtick" Suitable?

"Mind Shtick" can be preformed at all kinds of venues for all kinds of audiences, including:

Entertainment can make or break an event. Your guests won't remember what they ate. But they will remember if they were entertained or bored to death. "Mind Shtick" makes your audience a major part of the show and makes for an unforgettable fun time for all. Our show is extremely versatile and each show is intended to suit the particular needs of every organization we preform for. Whether you need to convey an unique message, enhance team work and communication, present a new product or service in an entertaining manner, or entertain a group of executives at the end of their long business day, we can make your corporate occasion one to never forget.

Activities Directors trust us to make their events successful and unforgeable. We're not difficult to work with like too many entertainers are and that our show is novel, stimulating and fun. We do a clean show that is perfect for any event or crowd. "Mind Stick" is a show that people on campus will be talking about for months after witnessing the performance.

In case you're searching for that unique performance that will leave your audience enthralled, then we're the ideal fit. Maybe you'll be having visitors in your home or restaruant for a party and you'd like the chance to have some exceptional entertainment to make the festivities just that much more special. We guarantee to captivate your audience even the ones that think that have already seen it all!

Our show has all that you hope to see in a headlining act. We convey astonishment, thrill, goodwill and laughter in an exceedingly interactive and enchanting show. We're totally different from all the other forms of entertainment that you have seen. We truly are a stand-out act. Individuals are drawn into the show and enamoured by Jeremy's charm, wit and skills. We'll amaze and have everybody wondering about the mind blowing acts that Jeremy demonstrates. From the minute Jeremy takes the stage, he will keep the audience in a state of amazement and laughter. In short your audience will have never been more entertained!

Is "Mind Shtick" A Clean Show?

Yes! There is no dirty material or language. It's politically correct and no one is ever humiliated or offended for the sake of a laugh. This show is great for all ages and all crowds.

Is "Mind Shtick" Funny?

Is the sky blue? Is today Thursday? YES! Of course the show is funny. Before working as a Mentalist and Hypnotist Jeremy worked as a stand up comic. Jeremy has preformed in some of the best and biggest Comedy clubs around the world. If the show wasn't funny, why would it be called "Mind SHTICK"?

What is "Shitck"?

A shtick (Yiddish: שטיק) (or schtick) is a comic theme or gimmick. "Shtick" is derived from the Yiddish word shtik (שטיק), meaning "piece"; the closely related German word Stück has the same meaning.

For more on "Shtick" check out wikipedia.

How Long Is The Show?

In a theatre setting the show is between 75 and 90 min depending. For private parties and corporate events, we recommend 45 minute shows. Jeremy can tailor the show length to be as short or as long as you require.

What Size Audience Is The Show Designed For?

Jeremy has performed for audiences of all sizes. he has done shows with audiences with as few as 10 individuals and upwards of 2,000 individuals. Jeremy has performed in livings rooms, lawns, restaurants, dance floors, party rooms, showrooms, tents. Whereever you can supply an audience, that's where Jeremy can perform.

If a cow laughed really hard, would milk come out her nose?

This is a GREAT question! So good in fact, that we don't have an answer but we welcome you to bring a cow to the show and find out. Mooooo!


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